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Writing a post. Just want to give you an idea!!!

Personal choices

Good morning from TCD! In two days time it will be Christmas and I still have to buy some presents. I have been browsing looking for ideas and I have found some interesting… Continue reading

Photos of me!

I realised I asked you to send me photos in the post “Sending photos“, without giving you the possibility to know who Francesca is. Here there are some photos!   Mi sono resa… Continue reading

Sending photos

Time has come! This post is without photos. Are you wondering why? As you read in the page “About“, my objective is to make you actively partecipate in the blog. This is why… Continue reading

Bags Obsession?

Bags obsession? Look at these photos! (taken form elle.it) Louis Vuitton Dolce & Gabbana Chanel Tod’s Hermès Ferragamo Prada Burberry Fendi Dior

Christmas Capsule Collections

Many brands, such as Burberry, created a Christmas capsule collection. As I love paillettes and sequins, I’ll show you some photos of these Christmas collections by Burberry, Mango and ZARA.   Molti marchi,… Continue reading

Sunday shopping

Today, in Rome, it has been raining all day long. The only thing I could do was going shopping!! I went to a department store and I took some photos of the items… Continue reading

Fashion at Art Basel Miami Beach 2011

Miami is hosting Art Basel Miami Beach, the most prestigious art show in the U.S. This year, from the 1st-4th December, some of the most famous designers have celebrated the show through parties… Continue reading

Chic Hats: Love for ACCESSORIES

I love accessories, especially brooches, and flowers and bows in my head. This year, on the runway, we saw HATS, chic hats, the mise en scène of the Winter 2011/2012 collections. They are… Continue reading


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MANGO TOUCH: New opening in Rome

Have you ever heard about MANGO TOUCH? It is a garment and accessories line, producing bags, shoes, belts, jewellery and accessories. Recently, in Rome, a new MANGO TOUCH shop was opened and I… Continue reading

Everyday CHIC

Are you one of those people who wait for hours before the wardrobe thinking about what to put on? I am one of them!! Today I went to university and, in the end,… Continue reading

Cheap and Chic

Many people think they have to spend lots of money to be chic, wearing really expensive clothes. They only buy designer clothing. It is true, usually expensive clothes are the best ones, too,… Continue reading

My favourite “chic” clothes

Winter has come and this is the moment to make our final choice: what do we need to buy to be stylish? I am going to give you some tips. First of all,… Continue reading

Marni: H&M’s next collaboration

On the 17th of November there was the presentation of the VERSACE FOR H&M COLLECTION.  Today the news: Marni is set to collaborate with H&M! What does it mean? Urban tribal prints and graphic… Continue reading