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I have always been interested in mistery. Have you ever heard about a city called Agarthi or about Atlantis?

Rome is a city full of misteries, like for example the one I am going to tell you.

In Rome, where the Temple of Saturn and the  Comitium were found, there was the mundus, that is to say the centre of the city. According to an ancient legend Romolus, Rome’s founder, called some Etrurian priests to help him celebrate the birth of his new village. They dug a deep hole and threw food and other goods in it.

agarthi roma

This is not the only hole we know. As a matter of fact, on the Bisentina isle on the Lake Bolsena, there is a similar area. Maybe it was a mundus, too. For the Etruscans this mundus was crucial to link both the Earth and the underground world. What is more, according to the legend, it is here that men and women can find a passage to enter the city of Agarthi.

Ancient populations and wise men talk about this unknown city. Does it really exist?

Yet, there are other four entrances to this “world”: Brazil, central Asia, Egypt and Siberia.

rome leggend

What is Agarthi?

Agarthi is a wise city, as people living there are wisemen and women, who had the chance to enter this world. They can use a special energy, the Yril, all humans have. Yet, we are not able to use it. Maybe its population comes from the famous Atlantis, the submerged city. 

Why was it created?

Because of wars and natural disasters people living on the Earth were obliged to build a world under the surface. We are talking about wars, that used powerful weapons, probably nuclear ones. Many ancient books talk about them and even about wars fought in the sky.

Some writers dealt with the history of Agarthi: Ossendowsky,  Alexandre Saint-Yves D’Alveydre and Guénon. One of the first writers, who talked about an hidden world is Willis George Emerson (The Smokey God or A Voyage to the Inner World, 1908). 

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