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MANGO TOUCH: New opening in Rome

Have you ever heard about MANGO TOUCH? It is a garment and accessories line, producing bags, shoes, belts, jewellery and accessories. Recently, in Rome, a new MANGO TOUCH shop was opened and I… Continue reading

Everyday CHIC

Are you one of those people who wait for hours before the wardrobe thinking about what to put on? I am one of them!! Today I went to university and, in the end,… Continue reading

My favourite “chic” clothes

Winter has come and this is the moment to make our final choice: what do we need to buy to be stylish? I am going to give you some tips. First of all,… Continue reading

Saturday night outfit

Yesterday night I went to a club in Rome. They didn’t want me to enter because I was too young!!! In the end, I managed to enter and I took some photos. Here… Continue reading

Fashion hunters or fashion victims?

Surely you have heard about Versace for H&M, the collaboration of the famous Italian brand with H&M. Also other well-known designers, like Cavalli, Viktor & Rolf, Jimmy Choo, collaborated with the brand and every collection met with success. So I would like… Continue reading

Shopping in Rome

Many tourists, as I wrote in the page “Shopping in Rome“, come to the Eternal City to go shopping.  Besides its cultural and artistic heritage, Rome is also known for Fashion. Italian brands… Continue reading

Bye-bye Jimmy Choo: Tamara Mellon

Jimmy Choo‘s co-founder sells her last quota and leaves the empire she created. picture from Everything started in 1996, when Tamara noticed an unknown designer coming from Malaysia. He is Jimmy Choo.… Continue reading