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Rome: what you can’t miss

Hi everybody! I created a video some time ago to help tourists decide what it is worth seeing in Rome. Here I post it: What do tou think? I also added a page… Continue reading

Happy Valentine’s Day in Rome

    On 14th February, St. Valentine’s Day, the Ministry of Cultural Heritage is offering two admission tickets for the price of one for every state museum, monument and archaeological site, providing an… Continue reading

Rome in white

Good morning from TCD!!!  The last news? Yesterday I woke up and my garden was completely covered in snow, lovely little white snowflakes! It is something really strange here in Rome since it… Continue reading

Everyday CHIC

Are you one of those people who wait for hours before the wardrobe thinking about what to put on? I am one of them!! Today I went to university and, in the end,… Continue reading

Waiting for Christmas

  In less than a week it will be December; do you know what does it mean? It means people wandering along streets looking for the perfect gift, Christmas trees and ornaments, cold… Continue reading

Saturday night outfit

Yesterday night I went to a club in Rome. They didn’t want me to enter because I was too young!!! In the end, I managed to enter and I took some photos. Here… Continue reading

The fashion portal: fashion online memory

  History, products, brands, designers, biographies, now you can find everything on the website Unfortunately, the website is in Italian. But what I wanted to say is that for the first time… Continue reading

Shopping in Rome

Many tourists, as I wrote in the page “Shopping in Rome“, come to the Eternal City to go shopping.  Besides its cultural and artistic heritage, Rome is also known for Fashion. Italian brands… Continue reading