Fashion Magazines

Once again I am back! 😀 I have been missing you a lot…

What have I been doing? I have been writing my graduation thesis (I am going to graduate in July!!!!) and studying for exams, without having a minute to relax. Today I had to study for my LAST Chinese exam. Yet, when I woke up the sky in Rome was completely dark and, since yesterday I got home quiete late, I had no envy to study. The first thing I thought was: Why not writing a post? And here I am!


fashion magazine


I have always loved reading fashion magazines such as ELLE, VOGUE, Harper’s BAZAAR and so on. They always have wonderful pictures and models. When flipping through them, you would surely like a piece of clothing. This is how you start looking for the perfect item you saw in the magazine. The only thing I really hate is that usually I can’t afford it!!!!!! 

vogue magazine


The aim of this article is to ask fashion magazines to show readers also items they could buy, continuing making them dream of the wonderful expensive dress. I don’t think the whole world population, and I am among them since I don’t have a job!, can afford a Burberry t-shirt, which costs just 1000 euros or a lovely Hermès bag for 15000 euros!!! I really hope someone will pay attention to my words: it is not a critic, it is just a request!!!!!

While waiting for a change I will still continue dreaming of these pieces of clothing, hoping that one day I will have the chance to buy them!!!! 


elle fashion magazine